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Walen Phone Numbers
Bangkok Sukhumvit:
Office: +66(0)917-541-931

Office: +66 (0) 38-410-526
+66 (0) 38-410-527

Chiang Mai:
Office: +66(0)81-885-7589

Студенческая виза

ED (student) Visa

Students who enroll at our school in a one year course are eligible to apply for a one year non-immigrant ED visa. With this visa you do not have to leave Thailand every now and then but can stay here continually for one year. On arrival you will be permitted to stay for 90 days and then with a paperwork provided by our school you will be able to extend your stay every 90 days at the local immigration office for the duration of the course. At present extensions cost 1,900 Baht. You can enjoy studying Thai and at the same time not having to worry about making any visa runs. The ED visa paperwork and the visa extension paperwork are complimentary from our school.

How much does it cost?

All tuition fees are located on our price pages. Extensions are 1,900 Baht every 90 days (government charges)

How many lessons?

200 lessons for 6 months or 400 lessons for 1 year.

How do I apply?

Simply come to our school and bring your passport, 8 recent pictures (3 x 4 cm.) and the tuition fee.

How long can I study Thai at your school?

Each 200-lesson course (Basic, Intermediated & Advanced) is valid for 6-12 months (depending on MOE regulations in each province) from the start date.

Can all nationalities apply to study Thai at your school and receive the ED visa?

Yes, all nationalities qualify. The Ministry of Education does not make any distinction between students coming from different countries. Europeans, Asians and Africans are treated the same and all are welcome to study Thai and learn about the Thai culture.

Which Nationalities have to apply for the ED visa in their countries?

Students from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southern Asia countries (eg. India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan), Middle Eastern countries (eg. Irag, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia) need to apply ED visa at Thai Embassies / Consulates in their home countries.

Do you have any age restrictions?

Students of all ages between 12 and 99 qualify to study at our school. Students below 12 years old can also become our students but we are not able to obtain the ED visa, the Student visa or any Thai visa for them.

Is there anything else I should know?

The ED visa paperwork and the visa extension paperwork are complimentary from our school. All students must come to classes regularly. The terms and conditions and rules regarding ED visas are subject to change without prior notice. Changes are a direct result of law.

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