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Investing Course

Walen School of Investing is offering an investing course the purpose of which is to develop the mind of a stock market investor.
After this course you will be on the right path to become a successful stock market investor.

The duration of the course is one year. It is taught through a closed Facebook group and through webinars, there is on average
one webinar per month, totalling 12 webinars. The promotion price is 2,594 USD.

The main topics that will be covered by this course are:

1. Fundamental analysis.

2. Technical analysis.

3. Sentimental analysis.

4. Risk assessment.

5. When is the right time to buy?

6. When is the right time to sell?

7. What kind of stocks to buy?

8. Developing investor personality traits.

9. How to manage your emotions?

10. Analysing world events from an investor's point of view.

11. Understanding compound interest.

12. Margin of safety.

13. How not to get cheated by stock manipulations (pump and dump).

14. Dividends and what to do with them.

15. Stock recommendations by your brokerage firm and how to think about them?

16. How to think about your stock broker and how to work with him?

17. Developing the skill of stock picking.

18. Short term investing strategies.

19. Medium term investing strategies.

20. Long term investing strategies.

There will also be other topics covered as a lot of issues overlap each other. I believe it is great value for your money.
Walen School of Investing - learn to multiply your money!

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